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Admission criteria

Rehab Centre in Surrey, B.C

Recovery Centre in Surrey, B.C

We cannot fix you, nor do we have answers for you. But we have tools to help you find your own answers.

You have the answer.

Our Mission

Alcohol and drug recovery centre




Services Offered:

To help the resident to be drug free, attain employment and assimilate into mainstream society.

  • Individual Counselling
  • Group Therapy
  • Methadone Program
  • Suboxone Program
  • In house Physician
  • Urine Drug Screening
  • Certified A & D Counsellor
  • 24 hour Staffing
  • Court approved facility
  • Accept clients on CSO , Bail order, probation and parole.
  • ​Allowed to work when stable on the program.

Tel: 604 866 5889

Tel: 604 753 9928


1. Both males and females over the age of 21.

2. Couples accepted.

3. Chemically Dependent.

4. Willingness because a better life is possible.

New Vision S.H Society Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre in Surrey, B.C.

New Vision is a support recovery home in Surrey B.C. We are registered as an assisted living residence with the Ministry of Health's Assisted Living Registrar (ALR).  Our cost is $30.90 per day.